Instant payment in installments check the offer of Intreda Loan

Instant payment in installments check the offer of Intreda Loan

The installment loan is a fairly well-known offer to consumers, in which the repayment of the borrowed amount is spread over time. For many people, this is certainly a much more convenient way to settle their obligations. Often, new installment loans that appear on the market are granted on terms favorable to consumers. What is the Gerryfeer payday loan installment?

Instant payment in installments

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By borrowing a certain amount of money via Intratka, you can divide it into convenient monthly installments. You decide about the amount borrowed. The funds available are up to PLN 10,000. We make it possible to divide the payday payday into a maximum of 24 installments, which corresponds to 24 months for its repayment. We have not granted payday installments for 18 years. This means that you must be 20 years old to be able to apply for it. The minimum age for granting payday loans is 70 years.


Here is the most important information about the Gerryfeer monthly installment loan. You will find out if it can be taken without certificates and without transferring a penny. We explain whether indebted people can apply for it and what impact checking the database has on the decision to grant it.

Instant payment in installments without certificates

Installment loans are granted on the basis of information provided by the borrower when completing the online form. This is done at the stage of registration and setting up an individual profile on the lender’s website. One of the important information you need to provide is to identify the source of income you receive. If it comes from permanent employment, you must also indicate the employer.


What does this mean in practice? The lender does not require submission of certificates regarding your employment. Therefore, you do not have to try to obtain and present a document that confirms it. Another important issue is the source of income. If you are employed, all you have to do is provide your employer’s details. In addition, the source of this income is not specified in advance. It does not have to be an employment contract. You will also not be asked to submit a salary certificate. Revenue takes a variety of forms, and may result from a variety of other contracts that are a guarantee of steady income.


Instant payments without installments therefore reduce formalities to a minimum. This also undoubtedly speeds up the very process of applying for and awarding funds. In many cases, this is crucial in the context of choosing a company where you can apply for non-bank loans.

Payday loan without transferring a penny

Transferring a penny is a short, customary definition of one of the required conditions for granting a loan in monthly installments. One penny is the amount that should be transferred to one of the bank account numbers indicated by the lender. This is the so-called verification transfer or a transfer confirming registration. It should be made from your own individual bank account.


Transfer confirming registration, as the name suggests, is made at the stage of account registration and completes the registration form. On its basis, the lender is able to verify the belonging of the bank account to the person who is applying for funds, and therefore the credibility of the data provided by him. The verification transfer must be made from the borrower’s account. It is not possible to transfer funds from an account that does not belong directly to the person applying for the loan. If you apply for a loan completely online, making a verification transfer is an essential part of the whole process.


Taking advantage of the offer payday payday without transferring a penny is also possible. There are two ways to skip the verification transfer. First of all, you can apply for a loan from a broker, i.e. stationary. Then your bank account will be verified without any transfers. Secondly, you can collect money using the GIRO check. You can do it at the branch of Poczta Polska. You will receive the loan in cash. So you don’t have to use a bank account and make a verification transfer to take a payday loan.

Instant payment in installments without bases

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Instant payments without bases are a type of offer available on the non-bank loans market. Databases means registers, kept by specific institutions, in which a loan company can check your financial credibility. Credibility concerns your credit history. This can be positive or negative. A positive credit history means that you have settled all your financial obligations so far. They can be both repaid loans and non-bank loans. It can also be a failure to pay invoices to your contractors or bills, e.g. for electricity. This situation also applies to people who have never entered into commitments. In both cases, this means that you are a reliable consumer for the lender.


It also happens that you can’t show a positive credit history. Intratka’s offer is not payday installments without bases. This means that we use, with your consent, the available registers to check your financial credibility. However, this verification need not necessarily be feared. Sometimes your debt in the register is small. It may concern, for example, an unpaid invoice for a small amount. So this doesn’t disqualify you yet. Can we say that the Intratka offer is an installment payday for the indebted? It all depends on what kind of debt it is, what is its amount. We examine each loan application individually.


Why is database checking so important? As a borrower, we also bear financial risk whenever we grant a loan. Therefore, verification of registers is a way to reduce this risk. In addition, the good of the consumer is no less important. Therefore, the greatest granting of funds concerns persons who can have a positive credit history. A person who is unable to pay the liability should not decide to incur it. This can lead to a phenomenon commonly known as the debt spiral (you can learn more about it in the industry forum or from industry publications).

What is the payment of installments in installments?

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The repayment of the obligation in the form of a payday loan in installments is no different from the repayment of other installments. By the deadline specified by the borrower, each month, the amount must be paid. This can only be done in the form of a bank transfer.